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Guillermo Cantu, Jr

Owner / Tactical Trainer
Guillermo Cantu, Jr

Instructor's Bio

Guillermo Cantu has been an active San Antonio police officer in San Antonio, TX for the past 22 yrs. while spending 17 yrs. of it assigned to the Special Weapons & Tactics unit. During this time with the S.W.A.T. team, "Willie" served as an entry team member in various positions of the lineup and eventually becoming one of the "team leaders". As a "team leader", Willie was responsible for reconnaissance and planning of numerous high risk warrants and critical incidents.

The last years of Willie's S.W.A.T. assignment was that of the team's "training coordinator" and he was responsible for overseeing the San Antonio S.W.A.T. unit's weekly training which included documentation, planning and instructing different aspects of the training curriculum. As an instructor, Willie trained the unit in firearms, chemical agents, less-lethal munitions, distraction devices, raid planning & entry training to name a few topics.

Willie's experience as a trainer has allowed him the privilege to be a regional training coordinator for the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association and board member. As an adjunct instructor for C.A.T.I. (Center for Advanced Tactical Immobilization), Willie has traveled to numerous parts of Brasil to train the countries' civil, municipal, state and federal police. The State Department contracted Willie to travel to various parts of Mexico and train the countries' civil, municipal, state & federal police departments. He was also tasked with coordinating and training detectives of the S.A.P.D.'s R.O.P. and Narcotics units, as well as officers of T.R.U. and S.A.F.F.E. units. Because of these numerous contacts, Willie and Off. Joe Obregon of the S.W.A.T. unit held courses for the Secret Service task force of San Antonio, Baytown P.D. & Fair Oaks Ranch P.D. Currently, Willie is assigned to the Repeat Offenders Program "R.O.P.", is an instructor for the San Antonio College Basic Peace Officer Academy - Phase III tactics, and is contracted by the S. TX H.I.D.T.A. group for training H.I.D.T.A. task forces in TX.

The aforementioned accomplishments have only reinforced Willie's passion for training law enforcement officers and it has come to the creation of "Street Sense Tactical Training". The goal of the company is to provide quality training of various topics of tactics at an affordable rate that allow officers to fit into their budget. The tactics taught are tailored from past training courses attended as a student, experiences training other students of all levels, operational experience and historical warfare.

Tactics courses can be tailored for any department's goals with an aim to make each course as realistic as possible and targeting "real life" experiences.

Instructor's Experience

San Antonio Police Department (1989-Present)


S.W.A.T. Training Coordinator (2007 - 2009)

  • Responsible for coordinating, planning, and implementing weekly training for 30-member double shift unit.
  • Develop lesson plans, course curriculums, and course evaluations pertaining to weekly and special training sessions for other units within and outside of the San Antonio Police Department to include:
    -- Repeat Offenders Project Unit (R.O.P.)
    -- Narcotics Unit
    -- Tactical Response Units (T.R.U.) daylight and evening shifts
    -- U.S. Secret Service Task Force
    -- Fair Oaks Ranch P.D. S.W.A.T. Unit
    -- Bandera P.D.
    -- U.S.A.A. Security Force
    -- Bay City P.D. Multi-jurisdictional S.W.A.T. team
  • Act as contact and coordinator for site evaluations and security consultation with San Antonio local universities, large corporations, and public schools.


SAPD Instructor Special Operations/S.W.A.T. Patrol Officer (1992 - 2009)
Second in seniority on a team of 26 officers who patrol "high crime" neighborhoods, participate in special events, and generate on-sight activity to deter the problems that required the S.W.A.T. team presence.  Additionally, execute "high risk" arrests, narcotics warrants deemed too "high risk" for regular patrol officers, and participate in call outs that involve attempted suicides, robberies or homicides in progress.

Key functions as a Certified Instructor involve maintaining the team’s proficiency in specialties that include:

  • Chemical Agents
  • Distraction Devices
  • Rappelling
  • Firearms
  • Less Lethal Munitions
  • Submachine Gun
  • Team Movement Tactics

Special Assignments

  • "Violent Crimes Task Forces" and several "warrant roundup" task forces concentrating on violent gang activity, narcotics, property crimes, sex crimes, and municipal courts warrants.
  • Security details for the President of the United States George W. Bush, George Bush, and Bill Clinton; Vice-President Al Gore, and the Governor of Texas.
  • Crowd control of various events such as NBA Championship Celebrations, Ku Klux Klan rallies, abortion protests, San Antonio International Airport security, and security for various federal buildings during high states of alert based on terrorist activities.
  • Instructor-Basic and Advanced S.W.A.T. courses, Guadalajara, MX Police Dept. – ’02, ‘03


SAPD Patrol Officer (1989 – 1992)
Assigned to a "South Side District" and handled calls from the smallest information report to securing the integrity of an important crime scene.  I initiated personal “on-site" activity between calls that netted several arrests for crimes committed in plain view.

Instructor's Training / Accreditations


  • TCLEOSE Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Masters Law Enforcement License


Training / Accreditations

  • US Dept. of Homeland Security – Police Tactical Ops. – CBRNE, San Antonio, TX ‘06
  • T.F.T.T. (Tactical Firearms Training Team) - Two-Man Team Tactics, San Marcos, TX ‘05
  • T.T.P.O.A. – Rappel Master Course, Adjunct Instructor – Austin, TX 2005
  • Homeland Security – WMD Law Enforcement Protective Measures Course, Anniston, AL ‘05
  • Homeland Security – WMD Hands-on-Training Course, Anniston, AL, 2005
  • Armor Holdings, Inc. Basic Inst. Cert.-OC, Spec. Imp. Mun., Dist. Dev., Chem. Mun., 2004
  • S.A.P.D. Executive Dignitary Protection (67hrs.), 2004
  • SWAT Round-Up Educational Program, FL SWAT Round-up Intl., 2003
  • Basic SWAT Course, Adjunct Instructor, Austin, TX, 2003
  • Sage International, Ltd. – L3AOS Master Instructor Course, 2003
  • T.P.O.A, Sub Machine Gun Instructors Course, 2003
  • T.T.P.O.A. Annual S.W.A.T. Conference, 2001,2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009
  • Advanced Pistol Techniques – Safeshot, Ltd., 2003
  • Progressive Enforcement Options Seminar – Diamondback Tactical, 2003
  • Rapid Response to Active Shooter, 2003
  • Combat Shooting & Tactics, Advanced HRT, 2002
  • Sage SL-6 (less lethal) Instructors Course, 2000
  • T.N.O.A., Felony Vehicle Assaults & Raid Entry Training, 2000
  • Glock Armorers Course, 2000
  • Armor Holdings, Inc. Ballistic Shield Operators Course, 2000
  • T.T.P.O.A., S.W.A.T. Competition & Symposium, 1999
  • Rapid Deployment Training, 1999
  • Tactical Armored Vehicles Operators Course, 1999
  • Tactical Vehicle Assault Training, 1999
  • Sage SL-6 (less lethal) End User Certification Course, 1999
  • Tactical Training Intl., Tactical Team Trainer Course, 1998
  • AN/PVS Night vision Training, 1998
  • Graffiti Recognition Course, 1998
  • MP-5 (Sub-Machine Gun) Course, 1998
  • S.A.P.D., Advanced Crisis Negotiations Course, 1998
  • LAOS (less lethal munitions) Training, 1998
  • T.T.P.O.A., High Risk Warrant Development & Execution, 1998
  • T.T.P.O.A., Chemical Agent Instructors Course, 1998
  • Singleton Intl., MP-5 (Sub-Machine Gun) Building Assault Course, 1997
  • Handgun Munitions Course, 1997
  • Riot Control Training, 1997
  • D.A.R.C. Tactical Team Leaders Course, 1997
  • Def-Tech, Chem. agents, Dist. Devices, & Less Lethal Munitions Inst. Cert. Course, ’96, ’09 (re-cert)
  • A.A.C.O.G., Intermediate Crime Scene Investigations Course, 1996
  • T.T.P.O.A., Tactical Practicum Attendance State S.W.A.T. Competition, 1996
  • Crowd Control Training, 1996
  • The Practical Shooting Academy, Advanced Handgun Skills Course, 1996
  • Basic Firearms Instructor Course (F. B. I.), 1995
  • A.G.T.X.-Counter Drug Task Force, Rappel Master Course, 1995
  • Tactical Firearms #1 Training, 1994
  • T.E.E.X., Advanced S.W.A.T. Tactics Course, 1994
  • T.E.E.X., Utilization of Distraction Devices Course, 1994, re-certification 2009
  • A.A.C.O.G., Basic Police Instructor Course, 1994
  • Caliber Press, The Tactical Edge "Street Survival `94" Seminar, 1994
  • A.A.C.O.G., Tactical Raid Planning Course, 1994
  • Crowd Control Tactics, 1993
  • Collapsible Baton - A.S.P. Tactics, 1993
  • S.A.P.D., Basic Hostage Negotiations Course, 1993
  • MP-5 (sub-machine gun) Operators Course, 1993
  • Intermediate and Basic S.W.A.T. Tactics Course, 1992

Joe Obregon

Tactical Trainer
Joe Obregon

Joe is a 23+ year veteran of the San Antonio Police Dept. with over 16 yrs. assigned to the Special Weapons & Tactics unit, SWAT. As a "team leader" of the SWAT unit, Joe is tasked with planning of critical incident operations & high risk warrant missions. The majority of his career has been assigned to a proactive unit from patrol & the Gang Unit to the SWAT unit which has instilled a remarkable sense of "offensive" tactics he has utilized on the job & passed on to other officers through training.

As a member of the SWAT units competition team, Joe was crucial in the planning of strategies utilized in each competition event that propelled the team to win several SWAT titles from state to world competitions.

Joe is a SWAT unit trainer & excells in passing on valuable information to course students from real world experience. His vivid planning strategies allows for comprehensive scenarios that allow each student to obtain the best information from the course.

Experience / Work History: San Antonio Police Department
                                                3 Years – Uniformed Patrol

                                                3 Years – Gang Unit

                                                6 Months – Special Operations Street Crime Arrest Team

                                                15 Years (Current) – Special Weapons and Tactics


*Law Enforcement Consultant for Quarton Inc. 2004 / 2005

* Security Advisor for A&C Products 2010 to current





  • T.C.L.E.O.S.E. Instructor Certificate

              San Antonio Police Academy


  • Mp5 Sub-machinegun Instructors Certificate


  • Chemical Agents Instructor Certificate


  • Rappel Master Certificate


  • Distraction Device Certificate


  • Firearms Instructor Certification


  • Pepperball Operators Certificate


  • Sage Instructors Certificate


  • Sub-machinegun / M4 Instructors Certificate




2001 – SAGE SL-6 Launcher Less Lethal Impact Munitions School

              San Antonio, Texas


1999 – Executive Protection School

              F.B.I., San Antonio, Texas


1999 – MP5 Operator Instructor School

              San Antonio, Texas


1998 – MP5 Building Assault School

              San Antonio, Texas


1998 – Bus and Aircraft Assault School

               Singleton Intl., Austin, Texas


1997 – Crime Scene Investigation School

              San Antonio, Texas


1997 – Advanced SWAT Certificate

              San Antonio, Texas


1997 – Distraction Device/Sub-Impact Munitions End User Certificate

              San Antonio, Texas


1996 – Practical Shooting Academy Advanced Handgun School

              Ron Avery, San Antonio, Texas


1996 – Advanced Peace Officer Certificate

                        San Antonio, Texas


1996  – Intermediate Peace Officer Certificate

                 San Antonio, Texas


1996 – MP5 Operator Certificate

               San Antonio, Texas


1996 – Basic SWAT Certificate

              Austin PD, Austin, Texas  


2002 – Masters Peace Officers Certificate

              San Antonio, Tex 2002 – Advanced Hostage Rescue

              Paul Howe, retired Delta Force (CSAT)

              San Antonio, Texas 


2002 – Advanced Handgun Instructor

            Ron Avery Practical Shooting Academy

            San Antonio Training Academy

2004 – Basic Combat Medic course

            Ft. Sam Houston


2005- Tactical Building Clearing

            San Antonio, Texas


2006- A.L.E.E.R.T (Rapid response) Training

            San Antonio, Texas


2006- Department of Homeland Security
            Police Tactical Operations-CBRNE


2006- FNH USA-FN 303 Less-Lethal Launcher


2007- Department of Homeland Security

            Domestic Preparedness


2010 – Submachine gun / M4 Instructors course

              Singleton International




2006 Tactical Practicum Combat Mindset

          Orlando, Florida


2006- Tactical Practicum (SWAT competition/training symposium)

            Nacodoches, Texas


2003 – Tactical Practicum (SWAT competition/training symposium)

              Houston, Texas


2002 – Tactical Practicum (SWAT competition/training symposium)

              Abilene, Texas


2001 – Tactical Practicum (SWAT competition/training symposium)

              Austin, Texas


2002 – TTPOA SWAT Conference / training symposium

              Austin, Texas


2001 – TTPOA SWAT Conference / training symposium

              Dallas, Texas


2000 – Tactical Practicum (SWAT Competition/training symposium)

              Baytown, Texas


1999 – Laos 37 mm Operators course

              San Antonio, Texas


1999 – Tactical Practicum (SWAT Competition/training symposium)

              Abilene, Texas


1999 – Vehicle and Aircraft Assault Tactics

              San Antonio, Texas


1999 – Rapid Deployment/Active Shooter

              San Antonio, Texas


1998 – Night Vision Goggle PVS 7B Operators course

              San Antonio, Texas


1998 – Tactical Practicum (SWAT Competition/training symposium)

            Dallas, Texas


1997 – Riot/Crowd Control

            San Antonio, Texas


1997 – Tactical Practicum (SWAT Competition/training symposium)

            Plano, Texas


1996 – Tactical Practicum (SWAT Competition/training symposium)

            Houston, Texas




Member of 1996, 1997and 1998 SWAT Competition Team


Member of 1999 S.A.P.D. S.W.A.T. T.T.P.O.A. Championship Team


Member of 2001 S.A.P.D. S.W.A.T. T.T.P.O.A. Championship Team


Member of 2002 S.A.P.D. S.W.A.T. T.T.P.O.A. Championship Team


Member of 2003 S.A.P.D. S.W.A.T. T.T.P.O.A. Championship Team


Member of 2004 World SWAT Challenge Championship Team


Member of 2005 World SWAT Challenge U.S National Champion


Member of 2006 World SWAT Challenge U.S. National Champion


Member of 2006 S.A.P.D. S.W.A.T. T.T.P.O.A. Championship Team


San Antonio Police Department Police Officers Challenge Top Cop 2001


San Antonio Police Department Police Officers Challenge Top Cop 2002


San Antonio Police Department Police Officers Challenge Top Cop runner-up 2003


2001 T.T.P.O.A. SWAT Combat Shooter Champion


Member of the 2005 T.T.P.O.A. Competition Committee


Member of 2006 World SWAT Challenge Competition Committee


Member of 2010 U.S. National SWAT Championship Team

Team Leader 2011 CTC Competition Team (Germany)

Leo Gonzalez

Tactical Trainer
Leo Gonzalez

Instructor's Bio

Leo Gonzalez, a law enforcement professional of 13 years, is currently a Senior SpecialAgent for Homeland Security Investigations assigned to the Texas Southern Border. Leo is currently a firearms and tactics instructor for the Department of Homeland Security.

Prior to Leo’s current assignment, he worked for the San Antonio Police Department for 9 years where he was assigned to the San Antonio SWAT team. Leo was a firearms cadre instructor within the SWAT team and a member of the internationally accomplished San Antonio SWAT competition team.

Instructor's Training / Accreditations

Bachelor of Arts-Sam Houston State University-Police Science/English minor, 1997

Professional Development:
  • HSI – Street Gang Investigations, FLETC, 2010
  • ICE NFTTU – Firearms Instructor School, Ft. Benning, 2009
  • ALLERT – Rapid Response to Active Shooter Instructor Training, 2006
  • DHS – WMD Law Enforcement Protective Measures Course, Anniston, AL 2005
  • DHS – WMD Hands-on-Training Course, Anniston, AL, 2005
  • Basic Hostage Negotiation School, San Antonio, TX, 2004
  • U.S. Army Combat Lifesaver Course, 2004
  • Tactical Breaching Course, San Antonio, 2004
  • Competition Handgun Skills, The Practical Shooting Academy, 2004
  • ALERRT-Rapid Response to Active Shooter Training
  • SWAT Round-Up Educational Program, FL SWAT Round-up Intl., 2003, 2006
  • Advanced Handgun Skills Instructor, The Practical Shooting Academy, 2003
  • U.S. Border Patrol, Tactical Tracking and Field Operations, 2003
  • Advanced Handgun Skills Instructor, San Antonio Police, 2003
  • FBI Advanced Firearms Instructor Techniques, 2003
  • Basic Firearms Instructor, San Antonio Police, 2003
  • Basic Instructor School, San Antonio Police, 2002
  • Tactical Shotgun School, San Antonio Police, 2002
  • Urban Rifle Operator School, San Antonio Police, 2002
  • Advanced Handgun Survival, RAMTAC, 2002
  • MP-5 Operator School, San Antonio Police, 2002
  • Advanced Hostage Rescue Course, CSAT, 2002
  • Advanced SWAT, San Antonio, 2002
  • Basic SWAT, Dallas, TX, 2001
  • T.T.P.O.A. Annual SWAT Competition, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
  • World SWAT Challenge 2004, 2005, 2006

17 Years SWAT Experience
Adjunct C.A.T.I. Instructor

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Tactical Tip of the Week


As police officers conduct a stop of a vehicle during their duties, the legal reasons that authorize an officer to conduct the stop vary from traffic infractions to immediate arrest. Most legal reasons are for traffic violations committed by daily drivers as officers strive to keep the streets & highways safe. These traffic stops are considered "routine" because most of the interactions result as more of a "customer/employee" interaction than an enforcement of law.

When an officer conducts several of these "routine" traffic stops daily, either as an officer assigned to the traffic unit or patrol officer & the contacts all appear as though they are customer service oriented, their tactics begin to lax due to their mentality of perceptual lack of danger. This is called complacency where both tactics & mentality stay in an easy common rythm expecting the same dangerless results. The obvious problem for an officer is knowing which stop will be the one that may be fatal to their life. 

Mentally "clean your slate" after your last stop or before your next. Remind yourself that the next vehicle is not the same vehicle & the next occupant or occupants are not the same people. The reason for the stop may or may not be the same but remember that the cause for the violation is most likely not the same; running late, evading or escaping something. Each stop requires equal amount of attention to its occupants & tactics.